As Is (MFA Exhibition)
My work stems from an intuition rooted in a long history in the desert and a family business of material experimentation and invention. Through sculpture, painting, and video I explore the ways material mediates the perception of environment. I manipulate plastic, paint, tape, spray-on wall texture, wax, plywood, floor trim, latex, and found objects. In the grist between the old and new, I experiment with all types of ephemera in my studio, combining objects to watch how they react against one another, take on new connotations, age, and decay. By looking to issues of value and temporality my process opens to a sense of ritual and place. At times, it specifically challenges the specter of the Southwest and what it means as a place and not just a site.

My work connects the process and gesture of studio activities with the remoteness of memory, experience, and place. It travels the spectrum between material and concept, but always seeks connections within the ever shifting backdrop of old and new environments. Slight changes to personal and collective rituals of the everyday, as well as the loss of those close to us amidst the slow realization of new relationships create pivot points that provide perspective, insight, more questions, and a mix of both comfort and insecurity.